European Oak simply has a uniform colour and grain, this gives it the traditional warming appearance customers expect and is of very high quality. Other companies may use American White Oak, this type of oak is normally only used for internal furniture and joinery as it is less durable. The appearance of American white oak can vary in colour, therefore, in order to make it more uniform the wood needs to be stained, this can in some cases, create an unnatural look.

We use the E3 from Centor, this is a medium-heavy duty bi-folding door system that allows our bi-folds to continuously operate effortlessly. The E3 is Centor’s solution to the challenge of creating seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor environments. The E3 is the leading bi-folding door system for double glazing as it takes into account the extra weight of double glazing, ensuring the tracks function smoothly each and every time. Our doors promise unprecedented insulation against noise and temperature variation when closed. The E3 also enhances security and resistance of the elements, even in the most exposed applications.

There are many cheaper alternatives in the market, such as Centor’s E2, however we value quality with longevity and the prolonged improvement in our client’s lifestyles. We design your bifolds so they work for you, not against you. It shouldn’t take a wrestling match for them to open or close, even after a number of years. It is the upmost importance to us that our doors smoothly glide open and close each and every time with the simple push of a finger.

Thermal transmittance (U-value) is the rating of how effective a product or material is as an insulator, it’s measured by W/m²K to produce a U-value. The lower the U-value is, the better the thermal insulator.

Argon filled glass has Argon in the glazing cavity instead of normal air like in standard glazing, which provides greater thermal efficiency by reducing the ability of heat transfer through the pane, keeping your room at a more stable and desirable temperature, regardless of the external weather conditions.

Our products are factory glazed then enclosed into our specialist packaging, this is sectioned by components, in order to make installation as simple as possible.

We offer both, you can either choose from our more popular standard sections or you can scroll down to create your own bespoke bi-fold. If you need any assistance give us a call or chat to us on our live chat, we are always happy to help!

Yes, this can be found as an option within the ‘create your own section’, you’ll find it by first completing the initial options, then it will then expose the choice of threshold details.

Our Warranties cover all of our products bespoke and standard. These include 10 years on the hardware, 10 years on the glass, 10 years on our paint (where applicable) and 10 years on the workmanship.

Further details can be found on our warranties page.

Not always, but you will have the option to choose a configuration that offers a single access door in order to be able to operate just a single door, which will also allow you to open & lock the door from the outside.

Yes, they come with a bottom track, which we recommend using. However, if you explicitly don’t want the bottom track you can simply create the relevant holes in the floor to take the lower flush bolts.

Not as standard, however this can be added on as an option.

No, they’re not manufactured with a fire rating.

FENSA registered relates to the installer being part of the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, this is in response to building regulations. A FENSA registered fitter means that they self-certify the compliance of the product they are installing with building regulations.

Below are our templated products this allows you to grasp what tolerances we allow for the installation.

The Opening

Normally on bi-folding doors we allow 20mm overall width wise (10mm either side) and 10mm overall height wise (5mm to the top and 5mm to the bottom).

Structural Opening Size Manufacture Size
Width (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
2640 2100 2620 2090
3030 2100 3010 2090
3480 2100 3460 2090
4000 2100 3980 2090
4320 2100 4300 2090
4970 2100 4950 2090
5160 2100 5140 2090
5940 2100 5920 2090


The Track System

Here are the instructions from the track manufacturer:

The tolerances we allow for on our French doors differ from our bi-folding doors. Usually we would allow overall 10mm on the width, 5mm either side, then overall 10mm from the height, again 5mm top and bottom.

Structural Opening Size Manufacture Size
Width (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
1410 2110 1400 2100
1610 2110 1600 2100
1810 2110 1800 2100
2650 2110 2640 2100


Yes we do, if you require a price contact us through live chat, email or by phone. Our installation covers installing the joinery only, your builder will need to create the opening and board it up ready for our installation team.

Our lead times are around 10-14 weeks on average from confirmation of order to delivery to site.

We will give you an estimated week of delivery, the week prior to this delivery we will contact you to organise the appropriate date and time for your doors to be delivered.

Delivery is free of charge for all of our products.

Yes, just give us a call then we can organise everything to ensure it’s ready for when you arrive and let you know when it will be available.

It will be flat packed into our own specialised secure packaging, which is organised and labelled to ensure the installation is as simple as possible.

Please note: larger items such as lanterns and bi-folding door frames will be delivered as components and will need to be assembled on site by your builder. Please contact us on [email protected] for detailed diagrams and assembly instructions.

The paint that we have used to finish the Accoya is Teknos Aquatop, therefore their maintenance guidelines are to be followed, please find the link below:

Teknos Aquatop Maintenance Guidelines

The oil we have used to protect the oak is osmo, therefore their instructions with regards to maintenance should be followed, please find the link below:

Osmo’s Guidelines

The paint that we have used to finish the Hardwood is Teknos Aquatop, therefore their maintenance guidelines are to be followed, please find the link below:

Teknos Aquatop Maintenance Guidelines

In regards to maintenance on the track, we follow Centor’s guidelines, please see the link:

Centor’s Guidelines