Timber has never truly been recognised for its use in making bi-folding doors, unlike it has with windows and doors. Bi-folds are commonly known to be made from aluminium, nevertheless timber bi-folds are just as flexible when it comes to colour and glazing options, which can easily be adapted to suit any style of home. In addition to this, timber bi-folds are also less likely to react as extremely to hot weather, by expanding so much so that it becomes difficult to open your doors like with Aluminium.

Timber has that special character and warmth that it brings to any home that cannot be achieved by any other material, which is why we love to use it. Many different types of wood can be used to make timber bi-folds, we use Oak, Accoya and Hardwood.

The majority of timber bi-folds are manufactured by joinery firms and fabricators, meaning that most of them are made using traditional techniques rather than using fully engineered timber, as they do not solely specialise in bi-folds. Other problems consist of heavy sightlines if the bi-folds are adapted from single doors, and lack of attention to detail with smaller, yet vital components such as the track and hinges. Overall, creating a less aesthetically and functionally pleasing product.

It is also common for bi-folds to be made out of UPVC which will be cheaper to buy but won’t last as long as timber.