Bi-folding doors are very popular for those looking to increase space and bring light into their home. They are a great addition to any extension or can simply replace patio doors for those who would rather not extend, yet still have that feeling of openness that an extension can bring.

As the majority of the bifolds are made up of glass, your views will be unobstructed allowing for a much larger view point, making the space appear more open and creating that indoor-outdoor living feel that we all aspire to have. Installing bi-folding doors is a simple way to expand any room of your home without actually extending, so if you are happy with the size of your home and just want to inject a bit of modern living and lifestyle, our bifolding doors are the best way forward.

The ‘bi-folding’ concertina design allows the doors to completely open up to create a seamless transition from the home into the garden, expanding your room further without having any obstruction from the open doors like with sliding doors.

Our bifolding doors are made to order, giving you the flexibility to choose your size, number of panels and the configuration, to suit your requirements. The only question is…

What size, how many panels and what configuration?

You can take the measurements yourself! All that’s required is multiple dimensions across the width and height of the aperture, minus the tolerance we specify. It is however advisable that you recruit a specialist to assist with the installation.

An additional factor you may want to consider is the number of leaves (single panel doors) that you have in your design. Many clients embarking on such projects choose a single access door for everyday use and are therefore required to select an odd number of leaves moving in one direction, this way, one door can be used as an ordinary door – this is especially beneficial in winter for pets that require regular access between the home and garden. It’s also worth noting that an even number of leaves will operate in pairs, therefore two of the leaves will have to open to allow access outside. This can however be adjusted so that you still have a main door with an even amount of leaves in a door set, this just means that one door will fold the opposite way to the others, for example a 4 pane bi-fold can be configured as a 3 – 1 which is 3 leaves going one way and the one on its own going the other, acting as a personnel door.

The amount of leaves you decide upon will also determine the size of the panels. This in turn will affect the amount of glass to frame per leaf. It’s important that you consider the number of panels, so you are able to achieve the finish that works best for you and your home.

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