Durability – 50 Year Warranty

With Accoya there is an ease of use every time due to the stability within the timber. Little to no movement in the timber means that there is no adjusting further down the line due to weather changes causing expansion or contraction in the wood.

Accoya Bi-folds are for life, meaning there is no need to replace your bi-folds!

Low Maintenance – 10 year paint warranty

Due to the very limited movement in Accoya, the painted layers are not put under tension causing them to crack or peel, keeping your painted finish perfect for years to come!

Insect Barrier & UV Protection

There is no need to worry about woodworm, mites or even the sun’s rays from damaging your Accoya doors because the wood is naturally resistant! This also helps to ensure your Accoya doors are easy to maintain and stay in perfect condition all year round.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Accoya timber is carbon negative over its full life cycle. It is sourced from responsibly managed forests of fast growing trees, ensuring its sustainability. Accoya being 100% Recyclable and non-toxic brings great eco-friendly properties to the timber, alongside the fact that the production facility that makes Accoya (through acetylation) is powered by over 50% renewable energy, making your doors as ‘green’ as they can be!

Superior Thermal Insulator

Accoya is a great thermal insulator providing energy conservation advantages, so not only would your doors be green, they could also reduce heat loss from your property.